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Welcome to our web pages. There are several pages here dealing mainly with genealogy and specifically the families in our own lines. Also there are various pages which hold historical information which has been gathered over a period of time and may be useful to other resarchers of family history.

These pages are intended to be informative, some times light hearted, but to reflect ourselves. Below are various descriptions of what is available here in a brief overview.

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Roll of Honour site - lick to go there

The Roll of Honour site started as a small project transcribing and documenting a few war memorials in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire which contained family members. Gradually more and more memorials crept into the various sites being maintained.

With the help of several people initially the transcription and researching of the memorials gathered pace. Today there are the majority of the war memorials to be found in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and old Huntingdonshire listed on what became a new site. Each memorial is transcribed and each man individually researched. These details along with photographs and links are then displayed on the site.

Today the memorials cover the whole of the United Kingdom as well as some overseas. Information about regiments and airfields have also been added plus several searchable databases covering various periods.


Martin has been researching his family trees since the late 1980's and is currently researching several surnames; EDWARDS, CARMAN, MARRIOTT, BARRETT, BARRITT, BUTCHER and PALMER. All these are in the East of England, mainly East Anglia. During this research he has collected a varied amount of information about people, places, websites, etc. These have all been accumulated on the Genealogy on the various web sites maintained or here.

Cambridgeshire History Portal

Cambridgeshire History started while looking for information about the old County of Cambridgeshire. There are many varied Societies and a great variety of information about Cambridgeshire on the internet. The aim is to consolidate that information from one central point allowing, you the researcher, quick and easy access to the resources that you are looking for.

The research areas covered hopefully encompass family history, village history, archaeology, records, local history, county information, statistics, topics of interest as well as the Societies and institutions that can aid with that research. This site is non-profit making although the ability to purchase books and information will hopefully be made available to you.

Cambridgeshire now consists of what was old Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely. These pages recognise the county post-1974 although for research purposes these areas may be split into sub-sections here.

Local Ancestors
Local Ancestors came about as I published bits of information supplied by other people who did not maintain a web prescence. Designed primarily for others to have their information posted to the web in the form of accessible web pages without having to do too much work of their own. These pages were set-up to host a series of Ancestor pages for Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire. Gradually all forms of Ancestor are appearing here. We hope they give you some pleasure amd possibly some help.
Wesley Players

The Wesley Players was an amateur dramatic group that my father and I both belonged to for several years. During that period my father kept a scrapbook containing details of each play, whether he was in it or not. There is now a site which contains details taken from the scrapbook.

Boer War
The Boer War site is in its infancy but eventually will cover all asects of the First and Second Boer Wars in South Africa.
My Far East
MyFarEast is a set of pages which are devoted to various information we have found in our limited travels in the Far East. These are currently restricted to West Malaysia and Singapore but in the future will hopefully expand to more countries. Our main interests are historical, most with military connections as an extension of our research into various British War Memorials. Whenever we visit a country, town or city we like to get a feel for it so by asking and reading a lot of information can be gleaned and hopefully we have managed to reflect that here.
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We all maintain our scrapbooks and photograph albums; we have started to put ours on-line for our friends and relations to enjoy as well. It is one way to keep east and west in touch with each other and is a reminder of the various good, and sometimes bad, times we have had.